How to rank your site

We create websites to promote products or services. The important thing is how easily the products or services reach the customer. The Internet is the easiest and most effective way to promote a product or service. You can reach millions of people with your product or service if you want, but you need to know the promotion strategies on the internet. Internet search engines are always ready to promote your product or service. Although the concept of search engine optimization is very broad, if you want to promote your product or service, you need to have a minimal idea about search engine optimization. The main purpose of SEO is to introduce your identity (product or service) to others. Search engine optimization can be done in different ways, I would like to share some strategies below, hopefully, through this, you can get some ideas.

Quality content

Search engine optimization is an integrated way of ranking your website. Search engines have a lot of components, quality content is one of them. There is no substitute for quality content, it plays a key role in increasing your website traffic. Which increases the authority and relevance of your site.


Choose specific keywords for each page of your website that visitors usually search for on the website. If your content is related to the admission and study of the Educational Institute, then you can analyze what keywords readers or visitors can search for to get it. This could be the name of the institution, the rules of admission, the subject, the scholarship, the deadline, and keywords could be as follows-how to apply, application deadline, how to apply for a scholarship, BSc in CSE, What is CSE.

keyword phrase

You can use multiple keyword phrases on a page but they must be very similar. If multiple keyword phrases are not similar, you may need to create a separate webpage to use them.

placing keyword

You can make your website user-friendly by using keywords or keyword phrases in page URLs, page titles, headings, or sub-headings.

Repeat your keyword phrases several times on the content page and use bold, italic, H1 tags to highlight them.

Keep your site fresh, update your content regularly. Audit your site on a scheduled routine and make necessary changes.


Use proper metadata in your site. Metadata summarizes basic information of data or content. The search engines can easily find your content using this metadata. A basic example of metadata is author, date created, date modified, file size, or images, video & webpages.

Alt tags

Another important thing is to use appropriate Alt tags to increase the relevance of your page. Use appropriate alt tags for each image you use on your website. It provides Google crawler with relevant information about your website and helps index them accurately.

Linking to your website on other qualified websites can positively increase your ranking in search engines. For this purpose, you can keep in touch by visiting their website regularly. You can promote their services or features. If you value them, they will value you too.